Joint Support

For Horses


Flexify-HA Joint Support

Everyday formula to protect, maintain and repair your horse's joints.

  • Age-fighting support for healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissues.*
  • Non-steroidal formula helps ease pain and decrease inflammation.*
  • Cushions and alleviates stiffness for better joint mobility and flexibility.*
  • Easy to administer, fast absorption, tastes great.
    Achieve results in as little as 2 weeks.*
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  • “Simply the best joint supplement I’ve ever tried. We’ve noticed significant extension in the horses' strides. They seem to be flourishing on Flexify-HA."
    – Cal Lynch, top Mid-Atlantic thoroughbred trainer

What Makes Flexify-HA Better Than the Competition?

Flexify-HA has up to 155% more hyaluronic acid (HA) than leading competitors
for less than $1 per day for an 8-month supply.


Natural, safe and effective joint supplement for performance and race horses.

Hyaluronic acid (in mg) and cost per serving for 8-month supply*

     *Chart updated 6/27/22

Power-Packed Ingredients to Ward Off Joint Issues

Hyaluronic Acid + MSM + Vitamin C

As joint fluid diminishes with age and exercise, bone-on-bone inflammation is more likely and can lead to stiff, sore joints in all horses. High-level training and performance as well as normal daily activities may become difficult.

Flexify-HA's winning combination of hyaluronic acid, MSM and Vitamin C prolongs the life of your horse's joints and cartilage while reducing costs associated with vet visits for joint issues.


We want you to be 100% confident when choosing our endurance supplements for your horses. We guarantee that your horse will never test positive using Flexify-HA.



Hyaluronic Acid
HA promotes fluid viscosity in the synovium and lubricating the articular cartilage and synovial membrane.

MSM + Vitamin C

The combination of these ingredients protects against oxidative stress, which can lead to weakening of the joints, immune dysfunction, tendon injuries and fatigue.
An anti-inflammatory, MSM supports and protects the health of cartilage and connective tissues.
MSM reduces pain and stiffness.


Loading dose: 1 ounce daily for the first two weeks.
Maintenance dose: 1/2 ounce daily.
Pre-race/Pre-Event dose: 1 ounce daily starting three days prior.
Disclaimers/Warnings: Do not use this product in pregnant mares. Consult a veterinarian if your horse has any medical conditions before using this product. Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.