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Run Faster, Finish Stronger and Recover Quicker


The only natural horse blood builder designed for safe daily use as a racehorse dietary supplement. A horse’s muscles require oxygen from blood for fuel. EPO-Equine safely stimulates the horse’s natural production of the erythropoietin (EPO) hormone, which increases red blood cell production and oxygen carrying capacity — resulting in improved performance, strength and recovery.

  • First all-natural EPO stimulator for horses
  • Naturally stimulates erythropoietin (EPO) production
  • Dramatically improves speed, strength, endurance
  • Optimizes oxygen levels and muscle performance
  • 100% safe and effective
  • Contains NO banned substances
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Clinical Study


  • Increased the size and concentration of peripheral red blood cells, and the concentration of hemoglobin and packed red cell volume.
  • Effectively stimulated equine immunocompetence.
  • Improved the quality of blood by increasing hemoglobin levels and the number of red blood cells which — by virtue of their effects on oxygen — transport cells.
  • Elevated the parameters of exercise physiology and performance.
Additional Research


Horses that were fed an active ingredient in EPO-Equine daily showed significant increases in red blood cell and hemoglobin levels compared with horses fed a placebo.*

*Equine Vet J. 2002 May; 34(3)222-7. Immunological and haematinic consequences of feeding a standardised Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia) extract to healthy horses. O'Neill W, McKee S Clark AF.

How It Works

An active ingredient in EPO-Equine safely increases a blood-building hormone in horses that not only builds blood to increase muscle energy, but also increases muscle strength and stimulates the immune system. The end result is a healthier racehorse that can perform at winning levels.

What should I expect with EPO-Equine?

In as little as two to three weeks, your equine patient will run and finish faster and recover more quickly.

The Clinical Study

Our mission: Determine whether active ingredients could stimulate the immune system and improve performance of the horse.

For 42 days, one group of horses was supplemented with echinacea while a second group of horses was given a placebo. Each group's response was recorded.

The Results?

Larger and more red blood cells with increase in hemoglobin
Produce a norman immune response
Improved the quality of blood by providing more oxygen to the horse's muscles
Elevated exercise physiology and performance.


We want you to be 100% confident when choosing our endurance supplements for your horses. We guarantee that your equine patient will never test positive using EPO-Equine.


Starting dose: For the first two weeks feed 2-3 scoops daily.

Maintenance: 1-2 scoops daily

Pre-race: Two days prior to race, increase to 4 scoops daily.

For optimal results: Administer in 3-month cycles (3 months ON, one week OFF).



Record of Success

Stoneriggs Mystery - Horse and Pacer of the Year 2015 Owner - David Morton

  • "We have a nice mare that we decided to start on EPO-Equine. Three weeks later, she calmly walked up to compete, and as she came down the alley and went around the first barrel she had a stride you would not believe; she just reached out like she never did before. I then took her off EPO-Equine because I wanted to see if it was really your product, and she was not as responsive. We started her back and I will tell you, when you ask her to go you better hold on!"
    – Charles Des Angles and Maria Blaize, Mississippi
  • "The horses are recovering quicker, they feel better, they come alive and we know it's because of this formula. We’re getting results in every race we’ve been in lately. When six of our horses went to the trials, five ended up in the finals. When four of our horses went to the Princess Stakes, all four went to the finals. We raced four horses today: two fillies in the Regional Championship Distaff finished 4th and 5th; two in the Regional Championship finished 2nd and 5th. We’re really happy with their results."
    – Greg Watson Owner/Trainer, Full Circle Racing Top Quarter Horse Trainer
  • "All of my horses looked better and their coats were shinier. Then four of the horses on the supplement won the first time I ran them. Coincidence? I don’t think so. They looked better and performed better. They really turned it around. I liked seeing that. I absolutely recommend EPO-Equine if your horse isn’t performing or competing to its potential. Give it a shot. It definitely turned my horses around."
    – Scott Lake, Top Thoroughbred Trainer