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BRL Equine manufactures premium equine supplements for all equine disciplines.

About BRL Equine

Biomedical Research Laboratories, Inc.500 is a global nutrition company founded in 2008 by a bioengineering team from UCSD located in San Diego, California.

BRL is 100% committed to developing and marketing innovative nutrition products with a focus on combining science-based, active ingredients with high-tech nutrient-delivery technologies exclusive to Biomedical Research Laboratories.

Our performance horse supplement EPO-Equine is the most advanced and most effective natural blood builder on the market, there is no other product like EPO-Equine.

What truly separates us from other companies is our refusal to cut corners in product formulation and testing. We adhere strictly to the guidelines of every major animal competition governing body. This ensures our customers that our products will never cause a performance animal to fail a drug test. Our mission is simple. We want to provide our customers with a product that works to enhance their animal’s endurance and performance.

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