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BRL Equine provides equine practitioners with a profitable new revenue stream  that provides real benefits to your clients and patients.

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10 Top Reasons to Become a Valued BRL Equine Dealer

  1. Exclusive Vet Pricing – We use high quality nutritional supplements to help animals reach peak performance through science and nutrition. Buy direct from the manufacturer.

  2. Strong Profit Margins – BRL Equine offers one of the highest profit margins in the industry. Call us or email us today and we will get you a copy of our Confidential Pricing Sheet.

  3. Vet Rebate Program – We offer programs with rebates of product or cash. Contact us and we can get you a copy of the program.

  4. Repeat orders – Our products work! Our customers buy monthly and in volume. We have customers that have purchased our products for over 5 years and continue to do so on a monthly basis. Once they try the product and see results… they continue to buy.

  5. Price Protection from Online Dealers – Why have your clients buy from the big online dealers?We offer MAP pricing to protect your business. As a BRL Equine dealer, you’ll also be listed on our website on our authorized dealer locator.

  6. Scientific and Clinical Studies – All BRL Equine products are back up by scientific and clinical studies the provide real results

  7. Certified Drug Free – No banned substances. Every ingredient in our horse supplements have been thoroughly researched to ensure its safety, efficacy and potency. We use the latest technology and production capabilities available only at our highly rated nutritional supplement production FDA audited GMP facility in the United States. We have uncompromising high standards and only use the highest quality ingredients.

  8. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If one of your customers ever returns a BRL Equine product (whether new, used, empty or damaged), we will promptly send you a new bottle. You are 100% protected and will never be hassled at BRL Equine.

  9. Million Dollar Advertising – We spend over 1 million a year in advertising our product in Blood Horse, Thoroughbred Times, Racing Quarterly, Barrel Horse News, Atlantic Horse and Pony and many other magazines. BRL Equine provides you with in-store advertising items and signage, and product brochures to create awareness of BRL Equine products. As a BRL Equine dealer, you’ll also be listed here on our website on our dealer locator.

  10. You Come First, Always – No order is ever too small and no question is ever too unimportant for us. We depend on you and you can depend on BRL Equine Every Time. We will be here to help you when you need us.

BRL Equine is proud to offer you the personal service and undivided attention you want from a company. We know our customers by their names, not their account numbers. That personal touch that was a thing of the past, is alive and well right here at BRL Equine.

We look forward to becoming your partner to provide you with the tools you need to help your clients by providing unique and one-of-a-kind product guaranteed to produce results and improve your bottom line.

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