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We are 100% committed to developing and marketing innovative nutrition products for horses with a focus on combining science-based, active ingredients to help animals reach peak performance.

Veterinary Practice Benefits

  • Exclusive Vet Pricing
  • Strong Profit Margins/High Repeat Orders
  • Vet Rebate Program
  • Price Protection from Online Dealers
  • Over 1 million in Advertising Nationally
  • Free framed posters for your business
  • Free flyers, brochures to promote sales
  • Superior Support, Easy Ordering, Fast Delivery
  • "I introduced BRL Equine supplements in my practice this past year to serve my performance horse clients and patients needs. I have been very pleased with the end results and will continue to incorporate your products into my practice."
    - Marty Ivey, DVM, Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery
  • "BRL Equine Products have been good additional revenue generator for our practice over the past 12 months. My clients horses are training harder and performing better on race day. I look forward to a long relationship with this company."
    - Dr. Shan Collette, DVM
  • "I began offering EPO-Equine and Un-Lock (BRL Products) last year. They are amazing products for support of a good nutritional program to build blood in the equine athlete."
    - Trent Stites, DVM McKey Equine Hospital

Equine Products

All-natural solutions guaranteed to work for your patients.
Pricing plans that work to grow your practice.


Stimulate natural EPO and endurance with this natural blood builder

epo-equineEPO-Equine® contains a dozen different herbs, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that act together to accelerate red blood cell production to increase speed, strength and endurance.

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Win with the natural approach to lung support

bleedergardBleederShield® is a natural, safe & effective formula providing respiratory and blood vessel support for competition and race horses. Healthy lungs and blood vessels are needed for top performance at the track and during training.

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Curtail cramping with the only electrolyte/BCAA combo formula

un-lock horse muscle formulaUn-Lock® advanced muscle formula is packed with branched chain amino acids, electrolytes and essential vitamins. Maintains top speeds longer, speeds recovery, prevents tying up, reduces heart rate and buffers lactic acid.

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Boost muscle strength, speed & stamina with natural immune support

eqrEQ-Royal® is a scientifically formulated, patent pending, nutritional supplement created with one goal in mind: to help support healthy blood levels, strengthen muscles and provide immune support for your horse.

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Everyday formula protects, maintains and repairs your horse's joints.

Flexify-HA Equine Joint SupplementFlexify-HA® provides a winning combination of hyaluronic acid, MSM and Vitamin C to prolong the life of your horse's joints and cartilage. Easy-to-administer formula promotes joint mobility and flexibility.

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We use high quality nutritional ingredients to help animals reach peak performance through science and nutrition.

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